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Anchor Chemicals manufactures select Chemlok Adhesives for bonding of rubber to metal and other rigid substrates under licence from Lord Corporation in the USA.
Anchor Chemicals also manufacture a range of Ty-Ply Adhesives for bonding of rubber to metal and other rigid substrates.

Our Coated Powders comprises a group of proprietory and custom made powder blends with or without dust suppression. We are able to develop custom made grades to suit our customer’s needs.

We manufacture treated zinc oxide containing dispersing agents and wetting agents to eliminate dust.
We provide Process Aids including Anchorlube and Factice.
We have process aids to facilitate the dispersion of fillers within rubber compounds and ensure smooth processing. They reduce energy consumption improves extrusion properties and surface appearance of moulded articles.
Anchor Chemicals provide Release Agents including Bantac.
Release agents are widely used in the batch off process as a surface treatment for green rubber layers to assist with processability. It gives temporary tack insulation between the plied sheets and is compatible with most types of rubber compounds.
We provide Toll Manufacture Products including Resorcinol and Stearic Acid mixes.
These are proprietary blends of resorcinol and stearic acid in various ratios. The product is the result of a homogeneous melt of these two ingredients. The resorcinol is actively available in a finely divided form dispersed within the fatty acid matrix.


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