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Rapiblend Z/77
Rapiblend Z/77 is a treated zinc oxide containing dispersing agents and wetting agents. In this pre-dispersed form dust is eliminated. Dispersion of the zinc oxide takes place without formation of agglomerates and localized concentration.
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Anchor Chemicals was established in Pietermaritzburg in 1985, producing materials for use in the rubber industry. In 1994 Anchor Chemicals was acquired by Carst & Walker (Pty) Ltd. Through Carst & Walker, Anchor Chemicals supplies all segments of the South African rubber industry, and also exports it’s products to Europe, Australia and Africa.

We are accredited as an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 listed company.

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Through our Global network we can source virtually any raw material or product branded or generic. For more information about our Global Network, read more about Hobart Enterprises. We offer a variety of services including Alternative Product Sourcing and Formulation Assistance.

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